Bibliographic Info:

Title: Two Boys Kissing

Author: David Levithan

ISBN:  9780307931900

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

Copyright date: 2013

Plot Summary

Two Boys Kissing revolves are three sets of boys and two of their friends, the first Harry and Craig used to be a couple but are attempting to set the Guinness World Record for consecutive hours kissed and they must surpass 32 hours.  Peter and Neil are two young boys trying to figure out where their relationship goes next after a year of dating.  Ryan and Avery are still trying to figure out the beginnings of their relationship while trying to understand their gender identities.  Tariq is still healing mentally from a beating by a group of boys yelling gay slurs in his ears as they kicked him.  Cooper is trying to navigate the relationships with his family after they learned that he was gay.

These stories are woven together with the narration of a generation of gay men lost to AIDs, giving their experiences and encouragement to the boys paving the way after them.

Critical Evaluation

What a wonderfully written book.  Though the stories of the individuals aren’t anything new, the way in which Levithan delivers the stories is something I hadn’t seen before.  The Greek chorus of those lost to AID’s is a touching reminder that they had similar experiences, yet not quite the same.

Levithan is in the minds of the characters and really seems to understand their struggles, and I found it to be a deeply moving read.

Reader’s Annotation

The stories of young boys navigating their first homosexual relationships, told by the chorus of men who walked the path before them.  A moving and uplifting novel about coming to terms with one’s sexuality.

Who Should Read It

Anyone looking for an upbeat LGBT story, or just a story about young romance and finding your way within it.

Why I Read It

It was a find at a bookstore on a trip and was recommended by one of the workers as a great YA LGBT novel.

Author Biography

David Levithan is both an editor and a writer of young adult fiction.  His most notable works include Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Boy Meets Boy, and Wide Awake. Levithan collaborates with other writers quite often and says that he might love editing even more than writing.  Levithan’s books quite often have strong gay male characters.


*LGBT Fiction

*Young Adult Fiction

Curriculum Ties


Booktalking Ideas

*Why do you think Levithan used the Greek chorus of those that have died of aids to be the narrator?

Reading Level/Interest Age


Challenge Issues



Two Boys Kissing


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